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Holwell defibrillator

Holwell village K6 defibrillatorIn 2015, Holwell installed a defibrillator in the village, located in the ‘phone box on Main Street.  We need villagers’ help to keep it up and running.

Defibrillators have to be maintained, so we arranged a service contract with The Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT), the charity that supplied the defibrillator and ran a training session for us on how to use the device.

The annual service contract is currently £126.  If we don’t continue to pay this, eventually the defibrillator battery and pads go out of date and the defibrillator is no longer in service. In past years, villagers have kindly donated cash and the Church, too, has helped out.

Please help us keep the defibrillator running in Holwell, using the link below.  Your funds go directly towards our service contract at CHT.  Any surplus we raise this year, will go against next year’s contract.  Thank you!




Holwell cPAD MT 30 Apr 15

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