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Past Projects

Holwell Churchyard

By 2011, the Churchyard was in a poor state, with overgrown hedges obscuring the East window and the grass inside the hedges overgrown:

Before - 31 Jan 11








I raised some funds from the National Lottery and Leicestershire County Council to hire a professional contractor (David Greave) and by February 2011, the Churchyard had been cleared and steps installed:

After - 4 Feb 11








Seeding new grass followed and by September 2011, the Churchyard was looking much neater:

After - 25 Sep 11








In 2012, Brenda Bailey kindly donated the oak bench in memory of her late husband, Peter.  Brenda and Peter had lived at Church Cottage:

Holwell Church 30 Mar 12









The final touch in 2013 was to install a timer-controlled floodlight to come on every evening:

Holwell Church floodlight installed 6 Jun 13









Simon Wilkinson-Blake, Holwell resident

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