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Holwell cabinets on their way!

This afternoon, contractors arrived at the lower end of Main Street to start work on installing the two cabinets for our fibre broadband.  Despite the pouring rain courtesy of storm Barney, I for one could not have been happier.  It seems like it has been a long, long wait for this to happen.

Holwell cabinet prep 3Holwell cabinet prep 2Holwell cabinet elec prep Holwell cabinet prep

What you can see in these photos is the excavation work for the cabinet footings and fibre & electric power ducts.  In a day or so, the contractors will return to pour the concrete and, when that is set, the cabinets will be stood.

After that, we await the fibre itself to be laid – all the way from Scalford Road, I believe.  I’m not sure of the exact route but for the most part will probably be dug into the roadside soft verge.  I’ll stay in touch with my contacts at BT and LCC for updates on when this work is likely to be done and thereafter, when we are likely to go live.  I’ll keep you posted!

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