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Both cabinets now stood

The PCP has now joined the DSLAM, down at the lower end of Main Street.


Although the site has been cleared of spoil, there’s still some work to do to remove the larger stones and seed for grass, so that in due course the verge will look nice and green again.

There has been some more work done on the cabinets since they were stood, such as electrically earthing them, but the main job we’re waiting on is digging in the fibre from (I think) Scalford Road.  I have no date from BT or LCC on when that will be started, but have been told it will be in the New Year.  I can see that Scalford has yet to get its 2nd cabinet and work will be under way soon to clear some duct blockages along Scalford Road, so the project is still progressing our way.

Meanwhile, thank you to all in the village for participating in my latest survey and I’m pleased to report that nearly everyone is likely to upgrade to fibre broadband when we go live.  I’ve shared that information (in aggregate only, no personal details at all) with BT and LCC to encourage them to connect us as soon as possible.

I’ll keep you posted on developments here.  Happy Christmas and best wishes to you all for New Year!

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