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Fibre ducting – part 2


IMG_0954 squareDucting has now been laid underground in the road verge along Holwell Lane, from its junction with Scalford Road up to the cattlegrid by the Scouts campsite.  The contractors have done a neat job (above) and the grass will grow back quickly.

There was a pause in the works to allow BT to negotiate with the farmer landowner for the remaining run in to Holwell village.  The work will recommence in a couple of weeks and should be finished in a similar time frame.  Thereafter, the fibre itself has to be threaded along the ducting and connected to our cabinets on Main Street.  BT remain keen to get us live on fibre broadband as soon as possible.

Another consideration is the underground high pressure gas main which crosses underneath Holwell Lane just by the other cattlegrid nearest to the road bridge over the old mineral rail line.  Obviously the ducting contractors have to be careful around the gas main!  Its location is marked by a pipeline market post (below); those of us in the village about a decade ago might remember the gas main being laid.

Holwell gas main sign

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