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Holwell now has fibre broadband!

A BT broadband connection

I’m delighted to tell you that you can now get fibre superfast broadband in Holwell.

BT can accept upgrade orders now (other providers may take up to 2 weeks to come on stream).  You can do this online here (although, ironically, the website is slow) or over the ‘phone on 0800 100 400 (from a mobile: 0330 1234 1500).

Remember, you have to upgrade to fibre broadband, you won’t get faster speeds automatically.

If you’re not sure fibre broadband is for you, please come to a village digital skills session in Holwell Church at 7pm – 8pm on Wednesday 25th May. Topics will include:

  • Setting up fibre broadband in your home
  • Protecting yourself with online security
  • Best deals from internet providers
  • What is cloud computing?

There will be short presentations on each topic with questions afterwards. It’s free to attend, all are welcome.

If you want to celebrate fibre’s arrival in Holwell, there will be a party in Holwell Church from 8pm on Wednesday 25th May. All welcome, please bring a bottle!

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