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End of the line

I am standing down as Holwell’s Digital Champion at the end of this month (July 2016).  It’s been over 3 months since fibre broadband came to our village and I reckon pretty much everyone who intends to upgrade has now done so.  As Digital Champion, my role was principally to act as point of contact between BT and village residents leading up to, during the fibre build phase and then when we went live.  I now need to focus on other projects and the BT/SuperfastLeicestershire teams have moved on to delivering fibre broadband to other areas in need.

We did have in Holwell some initial teething problems: five properties found they couldn’t connect to fibre, so I liaised in each case with BT, who were very helpful in resolving all the difficulties successfully.  Hopefully, there should be no problems from now on.  If, however, you’re still looking to upgrade in the future and any provider says that fibre broadband products aren’t available to you, you must tell that provider they’re wrong and they should send out an engineer to investigate.  It has been designed expressly that everyone on Main Street and Nursery Lane should be able to upgrade to fibre broadband via our cabinet on Main Street, called ‘Scalford 2’.  Many of your immediate neighbours in the village have done so.  If that doesn’t work, then contact the SuperfastLeicestershire team for help on info@superfastleicestershire.org.uk


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