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Deliberately misleading?

In the Infrastructure Delivery Plan which accompanies the new Melton Local Plan Consultation on Issues and Options, there is just one solitary paragraph on Broadband:

4.35      Broadband

Access to superfast broadband can be an issue in the Borough, especially in the more remote rural areas.  However, a partnership has been developed between Melton Borough Council, Leicestershire County Council, economic bodies, and voluntary and charity organisations to bring fibre broadband to as many premises in as possible. It is anticipated this will deliver high-speed fibre broadband to 96% of homes and businesses in Leicestershire by the end of March 2016.

That final sentence is misleading.  Although the 96% target is correct for the whole of Leicestershire, the figure for Melton Borough is just 80% (source: LCC presentation, attached).  In the context of a Melton plan, surely the 80% figure should have been given?  Or does it just not read as comforting as 96%?

I have pointed this out in my response to the Local Plan Consultation.



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