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New Melton Local Plan

I’ve just completed my input into the new Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation, initially to make the point (as I have in person at Council meetings) that all this talk about the rural economy is pointless without decent broadband out here in the countryside.

However, I reckon there’s lots more in the Plan of potential concern to us here in Holwell, such as further possible housing developments along Scalford Road, changes to village ‘envelopes’ and the way future building applications will be considered.

Despite – or maybe because – I have this sense that things are moving in certain directions regardless, I suggest you do have a look at the Plan Consultation.  Please make the point about rural broadband, too.  Warning: you will need a fair amount of time to complete the Consultation, there’s a lot there to consider!


And/or go to one of the Consultation events: Melton Local Plan Issues and Options Poster

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