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Village meeting to discuss broadband

I am calling a village meeting to discuss our options for improving broadband in Holwell.  I will explain the current situation regarding:

  • fibre  I am hopeful that my meeting with BT on 16th October will give us much more detail on its plans for us next year
  • wireless  We have interest from two providers already and I am speaking with a third

It would be great if the village could reach a consensus on the way forward, because with the wireless solution particularly we are much stronger if we act together.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 30th October, starting 7pm prompt in the Church.  As I shall explain at the meeting, we really need as many as possible from Holwell to attend, so please make every effort yourself and spread the word to neighbours.  I attach to this post (below) a pdf of the flyer which I will post through the letterbox of every house in the village, but feel free to print it off as a reminder to yourself and others.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Village mtg flyer 4 Oct 14

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