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Holwell fibre broadband update

Ok, fellow villagers, an update for you on fibre broadband coming to Holwell.

I’m being very cautious here, because some dates BT have given me have already slipped back and so I don’t want to make you what might seem like promises that I’m not in a position to deliver.

But the main thing is it’s still coming! I contact BT for regular updates and we’re still ‘on plan’. It looks like the fibre ‘spine’ i.e. what we in Holwell will connect to, is being put in place between July and September this year. Our cabinets i.e. what the fibre connects to in Holwell should also be stood in this period. This means from October onwards the exchange in Scalford and our ‘mini exchange’ in Holwell can go live, subject to no unexpected problems of course and BT doing all the necessary connection work.

Personally, I’m working on a ‘superfast broadband for Christmas’ scenario!  It would make a great Christmas present.

I’ll keep you posted on further developments.

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