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Holwell fibre broadband update

I’ve been in touch with my contacts at BT and Leicestershire County Council for an update, because it seems that BT sales may have 29th October as a date we can order Infinity (BT’s fibre broadband product).

The good news is that background work on the fibre spine to Scalford – our exchange – is indeed already underway.  Furthermore, our two cabinets (one called a ‘PCP for the copper connections, the other a ‘DSLAM’ for the fibre) are now due to arrive in Holwell in August.

What we have seen with other cabinets in our local area, however, is that it can take up to 6 months from the cabinets’ arrival to actually going live.  Nevertheless, even if it takes that long here, it still puts us around the Christmas/New Year time frame.

The 29th October date is therefore an ‘indicative’ only, but the take away message from all this is that our fibre is on its way!

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