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Superfast Leicestershire Stakeholder Forum

I attended this meeting at County Hall yesterday evening.  It is always useful to be seen & heard by the LCC officers and elected members at such events (so they don’t forget us!) and I picked up some interesting points, such as:

  • the rollout of fibre in Foxton has demonstrated that community involvement has led to a higher than average take-up of SFBB.  This is important to us because we in Holwell have that community involvement already and so can argue a higher than average is  likely here, which may increase our chance of getting fibre;
  • we are unlikely to get a 3G mobile phone signal anytime soon.  While the Government-funded Mobile Infrastructure Project has identified gaps in coverage in the Melton BC area, apparently the mobile phone companies have snubbed the Government’s proposal that they share masts to improve coverage;
  • I asked that LCC share a detailed timeline of how BT plans, surveys and then implements fibre in each locality, so that when it comes to Scalford next year sometime, we have an understanding of what’s going on.  Not that it necessarily means we’ll influence what gets rolled out, of course…

Of direct relevance to us, I chased up my request to meet with BT to discuss our situation.  This request was made on 1st September and I’m still waiting for a response; the LCC Project Manager apologised for the delay and said we should get our meeting in about a month.  I’ll keep you posted!

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